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It's just a jump to the left....

So, I was bored last night and decided to check up on Achron again. Turns out I should have been paying closer attention -- apparently they've begun pre-orders for a 1/1/11 release! However, these aren't your usual pre-order! Basically, what they're doing is giving you access to their Alpha build for playtesting right away (with 5 single-player missions so far). As they get features completed/implemented allowing you to "patch" up to what they've put together so far (multiplayer is slated for mid-February). The pre-orders go for $30, but they started January with a 33% discount for the first 500 pre-orders. I dunno if any of the discounted ones are still available, but even at $30 it sounds well worthwhile. I know some people I was talking to earlier tonight expressed immediate interest, so I'm posting the relevant links below:

Achron site pre-order page
Achron release calendar
Game FAQ

On a <deadpan>completely unrelated</deadpan> note, my birthday is this Sunday... ;-)
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