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Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality

What would have happened if, instead of marrying somebody stupid enough to name his firstborn son Dudley Dursley, Harry's aunt had married an Oxford Professor? That's right -- FANFIC TIME!

Come for the metagame-like manipulation of the rules of Rowling's world, stay for the discussions of Bayesian probability of supernatural events!

Chapter One link here:

Excerpt from Chapter Two:
- - - - -
Harry sent his parents a glare. "I am a conscientious objector to the child draft, on the grounds that I should not have to suffer for a continually disintegrating school system's abject failure to provide teachers or study materials of even minimally adequate quality."

Both of Harry's parents howled with laughter at that, like they thought it was all a big joke. "Oh," said Harry's father, eyes bright, "is that why you bit a math teacher in third year."

"She didn't know what a logarithm was!"
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